From the Executive Referral Network of York:

Some people think of a web site as a place a spider lives.
But our idea of a web site is a tool that gives and gives.
It tells people about your company and the products and services that you sell.
It tells people what you can do for them, and how you do it well.
It lets people buy your products without rising from their chair.
And almost before they know it, your products will be there.
It tells you how they got there, and when they visited your site.
You will know what they have looked at, so you can keep your inventory right.
But if your value is the best, and you’re the best at what you do,
If they cannot find your site, they won’t be buying from you.

Flash Avenue will manage it, so your site will be found.
And once they have gotten there, the content will astound.
So get rid of all your headaches and eliminate your stress,
Let us put some “Flash” in your “Avenue” to success.

by Bob Reed, Fellow ERN Member https://www.ernmoney.com/